After hesitating to cancel due to impending thunderstorm doom, Tiffany and I were rewarded with late-afternoon sunshine at her incredible pad in the Northern Beaches. We lazed around her bedroom, I tried to catch up to her holiday tan by the pool (which unfortunately failed) and then I pushed her into some trees.

model: Tiffany Adcock @ Chic

You’re currently sitting your HSC trials – what are your plans for when you finish?

Definitely a gap year. I wanna travel around Europe and America and follow all the festivals. Definitely go to Burning Man, Tomorrowland, as many of them as I can really. Then hopefully end up at uni in London to study psychology and philosophy. I don’t necessarily want to become a psychologist or a philosopher; moreso because I think philosophy is the way the world thinks and how the world develops and psychology is more how people interact and I think they’re two really important and fundamental parts of life. I think being able to understand that more deeply would be awesome and help me get a degree under my belt until I figure out what I actually want to do with myself!

What is a misconception you think people have about you?

How shy I am probably. It takes me quite a lot of time to open up to people and really show people who I am. I know quite a lot of different groups of people around the Northern Beaches because I’ve been to a few different schools, but I’m only close friends with a few of them and I think people assume I’m a lot more outgoing and extroverted than I actually am. It makes me feel a bit awkward because I’m not a very louder-than-life person but I actually enjoy just sitting back and spending time with people I’m really close with.

What has made you most proud in your life?

Probably when my parents got really successful with Pandora, it changed our whole family’s life. My mum moved from Denmark with literally nothing… we lived in a tiny three-bedroom apartment between the five of us and when they first started the business, they were working out of a garage. They put so much hard work into it, mum used to leave little brochures absolutely EVERYWHERE. Then literally within three years it went from a tiny business to almost 1000 stores Australia-wide.  It’s totally changed our lives so I’m pretty proud of my parents for achieving that.

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