Lindsay and I have a much overdue catch up & sleepover. After rolling around on her carpet for a bit, laughing more than shooting – “no raunchy photos, Marion, promise!” - we venture outdoors to play with branches, brows and beards. I chuck a pair of Minnie Mouse ears on her head. Lindsay flashes me. Then we pause for wines before pulling out some badass undies and bouncing around the bedroom, wrapping up just in time for our Indian takeaway to arrive.
Stay weird.

 model: Lindsay Page @ Platform

If you could have any job in the world without money being an issue, what would you do?

I would be the little old guy that drives the train around Darling Harbour. (Laughs). He just looks really content, it’s the best. He gets to ring the little bell!! He’s so funny. So that would be my retirement plan. But otherwise I’d be an astronot – naught? – not? – how do you even say that? Hahaha. Because then I could go up in space and reflect on life down below and it’d just be really sick. I feel like you would win every argument, like if someone said “oh, you’re wrong about this” I’d just say “well, I’ve been to space, so your argument is irrelevant”.

Do you have any pet peeves?

When you go window shopping and are observing from the outside, I cannot stand it when people push their finger against the glass to point at something. It makes me SO angry. I actually have to physically leave the room. My mum does it all the time and it kills me. Even if you’re in say a jeweller and there’s a cabinet and someone says “hey I really like that ring” and presses their finger into the glass and then it smudges the glass I seriously have to stop and breathe. It’s probably the only thing that makes me really angry. I feel like if a friend did that next to me my friendship with them would be compromised… for a small period of time.

What Pokémon would you be and why?

OH! OK! I would be Articuno who is a legendary Pokémon. Weirdly I have a fun Pokémon fact about the 3 legendaries – Articuno is ice, so ‘arctic’ ‘uno’, Zapdos is electric, so ‘zap’ ‘dos’, and Moltres is fire, so ‘molt’ ‘tres’ – one, two, three! But anyway. It’s like a bird looking thing, it’s really badass and I prefer ice Pokémon to others. Plus it’s an ice AND flying type, so it’s killing two birds with one stone. Literally. Cos it’s a bird. (Laughs).

But in the TV show, I’d totally be Ash’s Squirtle. He had sick sunnies. He’s so sassy. And he was also just really sarcastic… even though he couldn’t talk. And Blastoise is a really powerful Pokémon. Yeah, if I could BE one I’d be Squirtle. I really like Pokémon.

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