Emma K gets me out of bed earlier than I’ve been up in weeks. I rock up at her place and turns out she’s slept in. Emma K wants to jump on her bed; I fall in love with her fluffy purple slippers. We muck around in the hallway, avoiding cranky neighbours, and then end up being fire hazards blocking the fire escape and lift. Strange morning.

model: Emma K @ FiveTwenty MGT

What superpower would you want and why?

The ability to eat anything you want, all the time, and stay thin. I feel like that would be the best superpower ever.

What would be your biggest food vice?

CHEESE. I love cheese so much, it’s my favourite food in the universe. I could name ten different cheeses that I love – bocconcini, mozzarella – actually I could name brands. There’s King Island smoked cheddar, South Cape, I love Jarlsberg, obviously there’s Coon and whatever. I just love cheese. Cheese with carrots. Cheese with celery. Cheese and bacon. Anything and bacon as well.

When I say ‘childhood’, what’s the first memory that comes to mind?

I had a really weird childhood. You know those wheely things you put boxes on to wheel them around? My sister and I used to wheel each other around the backyard on them. And we had all these really weird dolls where we’d cut off their hair. I had this Barbie and she had blonde hair and I’d seen regrowth on people before so I coloured in her roots brown because I thought it was a thing.

Oh also we lived in the Hills district growing up and there were a lot of rats in the roof of our house and – this is so embarrassing – I specifically remember dad having to put rat poison in the roof and having to collect dead rats every so often. That’s so gross. I love all animals but I just hate rats and I think it’s to do with my childhood. Their beady eyes? They’re creepy. If you think about it they don’t have whites to their eyes, just these two black freaky things. I’m confused by them – it’s like a ball of freakiness. Can they see from all angles of this ball? Do they have eyelashes? I just don’t understand rats.

You know what? If I think of my childhood the first thing I think of is rats. Gross.

What is something that you have struggled with in the past?

I’m incredibly introverted – people don’t think that – but I’ve always been quite inside myself. I evaluate situations and progressively over the years I’ve changed myself according to the world in terms of now presenting myself in a way to make people feel like I’m personable. I keep a lot to myself and feel that most of my life is an act and I’m always acting for people. I think everyone has a façade but a lot of people don’t hide their real selves very well and that makes them an extrovert – they just say things off the top of their head, whereas I formulate a specific way to speak to people just kind of to get my way?

I think maybe I’m a little bit selfish or that it’s manipulative. So maybe that’s my problem – I’m manipulative. I always was as a child trying to manipulate my parents and maybe through high school as well. Although manipulation doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing if you’re not hurting other people, for the better part it’s not a problem so maybe I’m using the wrong word. Without sounding narcissistic, maybe I’m just smart enough to know you have to be a specific way to get what you want in life and I know how to be that way in order to get there? Actually I guess I kind of see it as a strength now. Maybe I turned my weakness into a strength.


[Unashamedly inspired by HONY]

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