Dim and I caught up at the converted warehouse artist’s den she calls home. Her cat Princess Bubblegum chased an allergic me around the room. I stacked it over numerous crates. Then Dim rode a flamingo and ate a tree.

model: Dimity Blank

So you work at a preschool – what’s the coolest thing about working with kids?

Probably just the fact that everything is fucking awesome for them. Everything is new and exciting and you could literally do something ridiculous and they’ll think it’s absolutely hilarious or be really intrigued by it. I did this experience with jelly the other day and they were SO enthralled by this blob of jelly on the table. They were sticking their hands in it and putting their faces in it and going nuts over this thing we don’t even necessarily think is that cool.

How does that affect you?

It makes me sad that adults don’t have that wonder anymore but it makes me happy to see that they do and I try to nurture that as much as possible because I feel like by the time you’re seven, even, you lose a lot of your wonder of the world and people should try to hold onto it as much as possible.

What’s something you care less about now than you did ten years ago?

People’s opinions. Ten years ago I cared a lot about the outside world and what they thought about what I was doing and now I’ve learned to let it go and do things for myself. I think that’s something that so many people are so caught up on – saving face, putting on a persona around people that isn’t them – they pigeonhole themselves thinking “I want to appear this way” and they project that to make sure everyone else knows. I think just being is a lot more important.

Do you remember a moment where it was really challenging to let go of other peoples’ opinions of you?

Probably when I came out. I was really worried about what other people would think about it and I finally decided that if they cared in a negative way, they didn’t matter to me. There’s still so many people four years later who I know say “She’s not gay, it’s just a phase”. I do label myself as a lesbian because it’s a lot easier to explain to people, but if I were to meet a guy and I fell in love with him I wouldn’t think – “Oh but I’m a lesbian, I couldn’t possibly” – do you know what I mean? I’m a LOT more attracted to women that I am to any man I’ve ever met, but I wouldn’t say no if I fell in love with someone that was not a girl.

What are you currently most hopeful for?

The future. (Laughs). That sounds so lame but yeah… I don’t know if it’s more hopeful or scared of the future. I have hopes for the future – being happy, settled, an adult, traveling, seeing the world – but I think it’s terrifying for me to actively make these things happen rather than just sitting back and letting them happen. Traveling, for instance – saving for traveling is something that’s really difficult for me working full time in childcare and having to live out of home. I’m thinking in six months I want to be in Cambodia working in an orphanage but how am I going to get from here to there? I feel stuck. I just don’t know where to go. I can’t see the middle-ground from here to where I want to be.


[Unashamedly inspired by HONY]

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