holi moli

Holi Montreux @ Montreux Switzerland

I was called in last-minute to shoot a party inspired by India’s Holi Festival on the banks of the Lac Lemant. Concerned for my equipment, I (thankfully) wrapped my camera in meters of gladwrap and masking tape, until the ensemble resembled a child’s arts and crafts project. Güd.

I pretty much shot this one blind because from the get-go it was just dust. Dust everywhere. In my eyes. In my hair. In my lungs. All over my glad-wrapped camera. Rainbow neon explosions that disintegrated into hazy clouds of dust, leaving in their wake a battlefield of bespattered humans stamping up more dust. Dust.

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taje x straw hut


A balmy night in Bali brings babes to the Straw Hut to celebrate the official opening of their pool. Spiced rum a-plenty and deep house tunes turn us all into lazy pirates, commandeering inflatable pool toys and wallowing in the shallows admiring booty. I brought my camera along to take snaps for local label Taje Swimwear - who’s founder was kind enough to give me a bikini to wear – before ditching it to go for a swim myself (the camera, not the bikini!).

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glitter monsters


Armed with facepaint and tequila, we descend into the glittery bowels of the underworld. Tokyo Singsong is turning 1, but the festivities are anything but G-rated.

There is high definition anime porn being projected onto a wall. It’s strangely mesmerising watching cartoon titties bouncing in exaggerated slow-mo. Much like the strange collection of night creatures that are stumbling around down here sporting party hats. What even is this place..? Bubbles. Bubbles everywhere.

I need more tequila.

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